What is a Lindr draught beer dispenser?

Who makes them?

Czech based Lindr manufacture these efficient, high quality draught beer dispensers.

As an authorised reseller for the entire range of Lindr dispensers, we help hundreds of customers simplify draught beer every year.

Why are they different?

Traditional draught beer dispense systems are complicated installations with big and heavy wet chillers, complex gas systems and long chill down times. Lindr units are significantly easier – everything is in one, easy to transport box. Draught beer is ready in as little as 10 minutes.

What do they do?

Rapidly chill and dispense beer, lager, cider, wine, Prosecco and PIMM’S directly from the keg. They do not chill the keg but rapid-chill the product as it passes through the unit.

How do they work?

  1. Air is forced into the keg by the inbuilt compressor.
  2. Beer/wine enters the internal flash chiller(s).
  3. Ready to drink in ten minutes.
  4. Pour!

Do they need gas?

No, the units have a built in air compressor. CO2 or mixed gas can be used – simply add a regulator.

How much beer can they handle?

Between 50 and 320 pints an hour, depending on the model.

Compatible with Key Kegs?

Yes – if serving Frizzante make sure it’s a Profi model with adjustable pressure. Frizzante must be dispensed at 35psi. A key keg coupler is required.

Can I connect a Cornelius Keg?

Yes – with a pair of disconnects you can connect a Corny keg to these draught beer dispensers – best to use CO2 or mixed gas.

Can they run off a generator?

Yes – preferably a pure sine wave generator like a Honda or Hyundai.

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