MICROMATIC Premium mixed gas regulator

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We only sell Micro Matic regulators as safety is paramount. This high quality mixed gas regulator is very easy to use and is by far the best of any we have tried. They are slightly more expensive but definitely worth it!

Ideal for use with Lindr dispensers or any dispense system to extend the shelf life of your beer keg once opened. Use mixed gas for lager, cider and stout. 


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Mixed gas is far easier to use than pure CO2, especially in a home bar. It is much harder to ‘over-gas’ your beer using mixed gas.

A 60/40 mix is great for most applications including Lager, Cider and Guinness (although 70/30 is recommended for Guinness).

The Micro Matic gas regulators are by far the best on the market and the easiest to use. Features gas shut off valve and 3/8″ John Guest push-fit connector, supplied with gas pipe and

This two dial regulator shows the amount of gas left in the cylinder as well as the pressure of the gas, which can be altered to suit the beer being dispensed.

It can be used in a single pressure, single keg application. In addition it can be used in a panel of Primary devices or to service several secondary regulators – should you have several kegs at different pressures. Download the product brochure:  Micro Matic Premium Primary Regulators

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