Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser

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This high quality home bar beer dispenser is made by Philips and is the ideal draught beer dispenser for your home bar.

It’s sturdy construction houses a 6 litre beer keg and there’s a choice of over 30 well known, high quality branded beers and IPA’s. Choose your favourites from our online store. Simple to use, it’s the ideal gift for any beer lover.


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Have you always wanted draft beer in the kitchen or in your home bar? Then the Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser is what you have been waiting for!

This simple, easy to use system needs no gas or complex setup, making it the ideal home beer dispenser. It is also suitable for street food sellers, barber shops and cafe/bistros where large volume is not required. The 30-day freshness means you always have great beer on tap and next-day keg delivery means you need never run out.

With a wide choice over 30 well loved, branded beers it is an ideal gift for any discerning beer lover. With a wide range of lagers includes favourites such as Budweiser, Stella Artois and Becks. As well as IPA’s including Goose Island and Clwb Tropicana. You can even have your own Oktoberfest with beers such as Lowenbrau and Spaten Oktobersfest brews!

The easy to use Philips designed system chills your Perfect Draft beer keg down to 3°C. With LED indicators showing the beer temperature and remaining quantity this unit couldn’t be easier to operate and more economical to run.

Originally developed for small bars and restaurants, it is very reliable and has a high quality finish. It also has a real metal draught beer ‘tap handle’ to pull that perfect pint.

Find out more about the Philips Perfect Draft dispenser on the Philips website. A great feature of the Philips system is that a new tube is supplied with every fresh keg. This means you don’t have to worry about line cleaning or cross contamination.

At just 38cm high, 26 cm wide and 33cm deep we are sure you can find the right spot to have your very own draught beer dispenser at home.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 26 × 38 cm
Keg size

6 Litre – 10.5 pints


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