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Lindr replacement font

Lindr replacement tap/font

£70.00 excluding VAT

A genuine Lindr branded replacement tap/font. Fits all Lindr models.


A genuine Lindr branded replacement font, fits all models including:

  • Lindr Pygmy 20
  • Lindr Pygmy 20/K
  • Lindr Pygmy 25
  • Lindr Pygmy 25/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 30/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 40/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 55/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 70/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 115/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 155/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 155/R
  • Lindr Soudek 30/K
  • Lindr Soudek 50/K
  • All naked/pipe external fonts


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