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Lindr Pygmy 20K

Lindr Pygmy 20/K single tap

£404.00 excluding VAT

Lindr Pygmy 20/K – for home and light commercial use these dispensers work well with wine, beer, lager, cider and PIMM’S. Perfect for your home bar!


Lindr Pygmy 20/K – draught beer dispenser

The Lindr Pygmy 20/K draught beer chiller/dispenser is perfect for your home bar installation. The 20/K will rapidly chill beer/cider/IPA/cider or PIMM’S.

  • Small footprint, portable and lightweight
  • Up to 35 perfectly chilled draught pints per hour
  • Built in compressor – no need for a CO2 canister (CO2 can be used with additional equipment)
  • Rapid chiller, start pouring within 10 minutes of switching on (20 minutes recommended)
  • Stainless steel drip tray included

With a built in compressor there is no need for CO2*, making it much easier and safer to set up. Simply connect the unit to your coupler using the supplied pipework, attach it to your keg and within 20 minutes you will be serving ice cold draught beer!

(*please note that if you need a keg of beer to last several weeks you will need to use CO2 or mixed gas or use a key keg). Check our FAQ’s for more information

Don’t forget to add a cleaning kit or coupler(s) to your Lindr Pygmy 20/K order.

Why buy from us? We are the only UK supplier that offers telephone and WhatsApp support 7 days a week, from 9am to 11pm. The reassurance of support when you need it most – during your event.

Product sheet available, please click here.


Additional information

Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 428 × 182 × 342 cm
Litres per hour


Pints per hour


Suitable for Key Kegs

For beer/IPA/Cider but not Prosecco

Built in compressor?


Number of taps (fonts)



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