Lindr Kontakt 40/K Profi Greenline

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The Lindr Kontakt 40/K Profi is one of the most versatile beer chillers in the range.

    • Adjustable pressure – suitable for use with key-kegs and eco-kegs
    • Two taps – dispense two different products or one keg to both taps
    • New “Greenline” version – lower power consumption and environmentally friendly refrigerant
    • Up to 70 perfectly chilled pints per hour
    • Built in compressor – no need for a CO2 canister
    • Rapid chiller, start pouring within 8 minutes of switching on (20 minutes recommended)

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The Lindr Kontakt 40/K profi double tap, high capacity beer dispenser – suitable for parties, weddings, hotels and overflow bars. Great for Prosecco (Frizzante) kegs.

One of the most popular beer/wine dispensers in the Lindr range. The Lindr 40/K has recently been upgraded to the “Greenline” version. It’s now far more efficient with a more environmentally friendly refrigerant and lower energy consumption.

Probably one of the most versatile models, it is best for side or back bar positioning because the pipework exits to the rear of the unit. This short video shows how to connect the kegs to the unit.

The Lindr Kontakt 40/K works well with Key Kegs and Eco Kegs because it has a variable pressure (profi) feature. So dispensing Frizzante, wine and Funkin Cocktails is a breeze!

A great choice for mobile bar/Prosecco Tuk Tuk use as it blends great performance with a relatively light weight. Very quiet in operation, robust and with great pouring performance.

The built in compressor is great for key kegs and events where the beer is drunk in a few days. If you need the beer to last a few weeks we would recommend the use of gas with either a CO2 or mixed gas regulator. It’s easy to set up, and gas is readily available, see our FAQ’s for more information on gas.

Lindr profi beer chillers are perfect for dispensing beer, lager, cider, wine, PIMM’S and Prosecco. Guinness can also be served but requires the addition of a cream flow tap in order to ensure that classic Guinness creamy head.

To learn more about Lindr beer dispensers please check out our FAQ’s page.

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