Lindr Kontakt 155/K Greenline

£1,330.00 excluding VAT

Very high pouring capacity – 320 pints per hour continuous performance. This unit has a fixed pressure making it ideal for beer/lager/cider/PIMM’S – requires additional equipment for dispensing Prosecco/Frizzante and a CreamFlow tap for dispensing Guinness.


Lindr Kontakt 155/K – the ultra high capacity for sporting events, overflow bars and Festivals.

The ultra high throughput Lindr Kontakt 155/K Green Line two tap beer cooler is one of our favourite beer chillers. Effortlessly chilling pint after pint even on the hottest day – simply awesome performance. It’s designed to efficiently chill and dispense pub quality draught beer, lager, cider or PIMM’s.

This high capacity beer dispenser is ideal for pubs, restaurants, overflow bars, micro-breweries, mobile bars, weddings, sporting events and festivals. You can dispense two different beverages; for example connect one tap to a keg of lager and the other to a keg of cider. To reduce potential waste you can connect both taps to a single keg for maximum throughput.

  • Two taps dispensing two different beverages
  • Up to 320 perfectly chilled draught pints per hour
  • Built in compressor – no need for a CO2 canister* (CO2 can be used with additional equipment)
  • Rapid chiller, start pouring within 10 minutes of switching on
  • Environmentally friendlier gas and lower energy consumption

*The built in compressor is great for key kegs and events where the beer is drunk in a few days, if you need the beer to last a few weeks we would recommend the use of gas with either a CO2 or mixed gas regulator. It’s easy to set up, and gas is readily available, see our FAQ’s for more information on gas.

Check out our ‘what is a Lindr draught beer dispenser?’ for more information on how these chillers work.

Why buy from us? We are the only UK supplier that offers telephone and WhatsApp support 7 days a week, from 9am to 11pm. The reassurance of support when you need it most – during your event.

Product sheet available, please click here.


Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 530 × 263 × 538 cm
Litres per hour


Pints per hour


Suitable for Key Kegs

No – only with external gas/air supply that can cope with 3.5 bar and 155 litres per hour – such as the PUMA compressor

Built in compressor?


Number of taps (fonts)



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