Lindr Kontakt 30/K Profi

£670.00 excluding VAT


    • Adjustable pressure – suitable for use with key-kegs and eco-kegs
    • Up to 52 perfectly chilled pints per hour
    • Built in compressor – no need for a CO2 canister
    • Rapid chiller, start pouring within 8 minutes of switching on (20 minutes recommended)

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The Lindr Kontakt 30/K is a high capacity unit suitable for parties, weddings, hotels and mobile bars.

The Lindr 30K has the advantage of the variable pressure (Profi) feature – making it suitable for serving Prosecco/Frizzante kegs. It can also cope with some of the speciality beers which require a higher psi to control fobbing. The 30/K is lightweight yet can dispense 52 perfectly chilled pints an hour.

The built in compressor is great for key kegs and events where the beer is drunk in a few days, if you need the beer to last a few weeks we would recommend the use of gas with either a CO2 or mixed gas regulator. It’s easy to set up, and gas is readily available, see our FAQ’s for more information on gas.

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Yes – variable pressure, recommended for Prosecco

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