Home bar in a box – Lindr 20/K + Tiny Rebel

£660.20 excluding VAT


Fed up with lockdown?  Desperate for a pint?  Why not set up your very home home bar? Here, we have everything together in one box, including the beer!

Your home bar in a box includes:

  • Lindr Pygmy 20/K draught beer dispenser with built in chiller and compressor
  • All pipework and connectors
  • Key-Keg coupler
  • 30-Litres of Tiny Rebel Brewery‘s Clwb Tropica IPA or Lazy Boy lager in a Key-Key which will stay fresh for 30 days once opened

We have a wide range of Key Keg beers to tempt all discerning drinkers. Your Lindr 20/K dispenser will also dispense your favourite high street beers such as Peroni, Moretti, Amstel with the addition of an S-type coupler (a mixed gas regulator is recommended with non-key keg beers to extend the shelf life.


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