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Stout creamflow tap

Guinness/Stout cream flow tap

£85.00 excluding VAT

An essential accessory for the perfect pint of Guinness from your Lindr dispenser. The cream flow tap works with a variety of stouts, IPA’s and John Smiths to achieve that perfect pint.


The cream flow tap is essential for the perfect pint of Guinness and John Smith’s, fits all models including:

  • Lindr Pygmy 20
  • Lindr Pygmy 20/K
  • Lindr Pygmy 25
  • Lindr Pygmy 25/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 30/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 40/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 55/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 70/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 115/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 155/K
  • Lindr Kontakt 155/R
  • Lindr Soudek 30/K
  • Lindr Soudek 50/K
  • All naked/pipe external fonts


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