Cosmopolitan draught cocktail poly keg – 12 litre

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Cosmopolitan – 12 litre poly keg.

A combination of CITRUS VODKA, TRIPLE SEC, CRANBERRY and LIME. Available in 12 litre and 20 litre poly keg sizes.

Requires Sankey coupler.

12L Keg contains 96 x 125ml servings

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Cosmopolitan draught cocktail by Giraffe Cocktails of Nottingham

Available in 12 litre and 20 litre key keg sizes.

Vegetarian/Vegan product.

Cosmopolitan draught cocktail requires a Sankey coupler.

Works with all Lindr portable and under counter coolers.

It is widely thought that Bartender Cheryl Cook came up with the original formula in 1985 when she worked at The Strand on Miami’s South Beach, in the late ’90s the series Sex in the City gave the Cosmopolitan it’s iconic status.

Best served ‘straight up’ in a martini glass, with an orange peel garnish or orange flame.

Additional information

Coupler type

Sankey (S-Type)

Alcohol by volume

10 %


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