A-Type coupler (Guinness type) Micro Matic

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Micro Matic A-Type coupler complete with high quality brass John Guest 3/8″ push fit fittings. Suitable for Guinness, PIMM’S and Hop House 13.


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A-Type coupler by Micro Matic, complete with high quality brass John Guest connectors.

The A-Type coupler is suitable for Guinness, Hop House 13, Meantime and PIMM’S kegs as well as some german beers.

We fit the expensive brass John Guest fittings to all our couplers as they do not crack, leak or distort like the plastic ones can. The gas inlet has a built in non-return valve for greater safety.

We only sell Micro Matic couplers as we believe the performance, quality and safety of their products is unsurpassed. The handles don’t trap your fingers like the cheap ones do and they last for years.

The coupler is a key, and frequently overlooked, component of your installation. The stainless steel construction and high quality seals ensure there are no leaks. They are also easy to maintain and easy to clean.

A-Type coupler in stock for next day delivery.

A-Type coupler product sheet.


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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