Keg Keg beers, IPAs, Ciders and Stouts

Key Keg Lager, cider and IPA – we are slowly adding a wider range of beers in Key Kegs to the site. The benefit of the Key Keg beer is that it lasts for 30 days once opened and does not need gas. They are ideal for the Lindr portable dispenser’s inbuilt air compressor. We also have a range of Key Keg Frizzante, wine and cocktails.

Plus they are much cheaper to ship than a normal metal keg – at only £5! Please have a look at the list below and contact us if you would like to order. Availability varies by product.

Key Keg Lagers:

NameBreweryDescriptionABVTypeSizePrice (inc VAT)
Brew ToonFreshmex Lime LagerEst. in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2015 – FreshMex serves award-winning TexMex street food that’s packed full of flavour & handmade using the best, freshest ingredients we can get! We wanted to create a beer that matches our need for FRESH, so teamed up with the award-winning lager experts at Brew Toon to create this Lime Lager that’s bursting with fresh flavour! The perfect beer pairing for any TexMex dish!  4.8%Lager30 Litre£153
LukasThornbridgeRatebeer: 94/100. Helles is a traditional, elegant Bavarian style of beer originating in Munich. Lukas is straw blonde, full-bodied yet sparklingly light, this Helles exudes a subtle, freshly baked bread maltiness, balanced with an elegant noble hop aroma. The finish is clean, crisp and satisfying.  4.2%Lager30 Litre£140
PrimordialVibrant Forest BreweryPrimordial takes the roasted malt flavours and crisp lagered elements of a traditional schwarzbier and blends in bright citrus and sweet pomegranate to produce a uniquely flavoured lager. The aroma is an enticing blend of chocolate and lightly roasted malts with oily Seville pith. These flavours follow on the palate with a rich and dry finish, accentuated by sticky pomegranate juice.  5.2&Lager30 Litre£156
Kentish LagerWhitstable BreweryA crisp, clean-tasting session lager brewed using the authentic Czech hop Saaz. We believe in year-round refreshment so we’ve brewed this beer to be perfect for lazy Summer days in a beer garden, but equally good enjoyed by a roaring fire in the depths of Winter. Winner SIBA 2018 South East Gold Medal – Standard Lagers and Pilsners SIBA 2018 National Bronze Medal – Standard Lagers and Pilsners SIBA 2017 South East Silver Medal – Standard Lagers and Pilsners SIBA 2015 Regional Silver Medal – Standard Lagers and Pilsners SIBA 2013 National Bronze Medal – Standard Lagers and Pilsners  4.1%Lager30 Litre£110
Whitsable PilsnerWhitstable BreweryWINNER SIBA SOUTH EAST 2019 GOLD MEDAL – Premium Lagers & Pilsners A Czech-style Pilsner brewed using the authentic Saaz hop with a crisp and fresh citrusy flavour. This refreshing beer is cold-stored over a period of weeks in a traditional process called lagering to allow a richer flavour and fuller body to develop. Whitstable Brewery allows as much time as necessary and will never use any preservatives or additives to make sure that our beer is always naturally matured and brewed with distinction.  4.9%Lager30 Litre£122
LagerBlonde BrotherLager as it should be. ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN Taste: Balanced malt, crisp hops, moreish finish. Aroma: Citrus, berries, and oak. Colour: Pale gold, pours clear. Crisp German-style lager. with a 4-week maturation period and a well-balanced hop profile. an easy-drinking lager with deep flavor and clean finish.  4.5%Lager30 Litre£129
Helles LagerCalvors BreweryOur flagship session lager is light, crisp and refreshing a real thirst-quencher of a beer. Its exceptional flavour belies its lower ABV of only 3.8%  3.8%Lager30 Litre£116
Lager than lifeQuantock BreweryA fantastically beautifully balanced , dry hopped pilsner , with a seductive golden glow. It has an immense crisp and refreshing finish. Brewed with love and lots of patience , this pils punches well above its weight  4.6%Lager30 Litre£120
Pilsner No2Three Blind Mice BreweryA light clean crisp pilsner. Delicately hopped with Columbus hops to add a touch of bitterness and citrus hop aromas.  4.6%Lager30 Litre£124
Weekend HookerBrew ToonGet hooked on our new craft lager! Reinvented with a bold variety of malts & left to condition until the optimum moment to ensure a smooth head with a soft, refreshing finish. Earthy in aroma, expect a full bodied malt character, with citrusy undertones and an assured bitter finish.  5%Lager30 Litre£136
PilsnerKirkstall BreweryLight, zesty and floral, lagered for 65 days on Bavarian yeast. The addition of Loral hops give is the signature aromas of lemon zest and flowers. The perfect after work pint.  4%Lager30 Litre£144
DasslerWishbone BreweryNZ Helles Lager with Motueka Hops, light, spicy and refreshing.  4.2%Lager30 Litre£138

Key Keg IPAs

NameBreweryDescriptionABVTypeSizePrice (inc VAT)
The King is DeadTwisted BarrelOrange citrus esters of Voss yeast with the fruity aromatics of Mosaic, Cascade and Azacca hops  4.6%IPA30 Litre£125
Digital IPAYeastie BoysA classic New Zealand hopped IPA: clean malt, citrus and tropical hop flavours, with a bold bitter finish. Digital IPA, which was the world’s first open-source IPA, is full of radical Nelson hops that deliver aroma and flavours reminiscent of a South Pacific holiday – mango, melon, white grape and a hint of citrus.  5.7%IPA30 Litre£130
Day ShiftFierce BeerA classic hop forward, super hazy IPA. We use Mosaic and Citra hops in the whirlpool and to dry hop, so the beer is full of tropical and citrus notes, and has low bitterness. We also leave it unfiltered, so expect a full on juicy haze.  5%IPA30 Litre£127
JaipurThornbridgeWith over 100 worldwide awards, this American style IPA has a complexity of flavours created by a six-dimensional hop experience.  5.9%IPA30 Litre£128
North South Petite IPAMarble BreweryThe tenth beer in our 2018 hop-forward series, North-South is a ‘petite IPA’. Lots of Enigma backed up by Amarillo, Azacca & Lemon Drop, brings flavours and aromas of soft stone fruit and zesty lemon & orange, whilst wheat and Vienna provide a full, rounded malt base.  4.2%IPA30 Litre£135
Little NipperBlack Iris BrewerySession IPA3.8%IPA30 Litre£135
RefractionsSiren Craft BreweryRefractions is punchy with flavour, packed full of hops and drinkable all day long. Aromas of mango and pineapple invite you in to this tropical treat which delivers juicy fruit notes and light citrus highlights in abundance. Its refreshingly balanced, with a soft mouthfeel, delicate bitterness and a beautiful hazy pour.  4.2%IPA30 Litre£136
Truth and PurposeTwisted BarrelA soft, juicy New England Pale. Packed full of oats and wheat and with a soft water profile, for a smooth, chewy body. Focusses mainly on the tropical citrus of Azacca hops, ably supported by Mosaic, Citra and Centennial. Fermented with London Ale III yeast for a sweet, juicy finish  4.8%IPA30 Litre£136
WhiteoutCromarty BrewingSession White IPA Massive tropical fruit upfront with a smooth wheat backbone Citra, Mosaic and Motueka  3.8%IPA30 Litre£143
TitaniumQuantock BreweryPunchy West Coast IPA Massively hopped with a combination of Simcoe, Ekuanot and Citrus hops giving a beer bursting with tropical hop flavours on a base of Maris Otter and Oat malts giving a rounded, smooth mouthfeel. In 2019 alone it has won Golds at the SIBA South West Independent Beer Awards; the SIBA National Independent Beer Awards and the SIBA Regional Keg Independent Beer Awards. .  5.1%IPA30 Litre£115
Lagonda IPAMarble BreweryNamed after a classic car owned by the boss’s father, this has been our house IPA since 1997. Pale in colour, the malts provide a sturdy body on which is built a citrus and floral hop character  5%IPA30 Litre£132
Farmhouse Session IPANorthern AlchemyWe went with a malt base of Xtra Pale, Wheat, Oats, Torrified Oats and Wheat to provide a big mouth feel. Using Centennial & Motueka in the boil and the Hop Stand we then fermented this with a Belgian Farmhouse yeast. Dry hopped with Centennial, we also conditioned with lemon zest and juice.  4.2%IPA30 Litre£138
Dank MonkeyS43 BreweryFollowing on from the popularity of our previous Big Dank, Dank Money ups the dank game with a big hop bill starring Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, and Chinook. Thick and resinous with plenty of bitterness but fermented with London Ale III to balance it all out with a smooth and fruity finish  7.4%IPA30 L Polykeg£192
The Smoothie FactoryS43 BreweryIf you were a fan of our acclaimed Fat White Milkshake IPA then youre going to love Smoothie Factory. Weve packed it with Mosaic and El Dorado hops and then blended in passionfruit and mango purees for a big fruity kick all rounded out with whole Tahitian vanilla beans for a sweet, smooth and creamy finish.  6.2%IPA30L Polykeg£197
Tropic ThunderS43 BreweryTHE JOURNEY – Our first DIPA was released in early 2019, our first beer to mark a whole new and fresh direction for our brewing philosophy. Weve learned a lot since that first brew and for our next DIPA, we wanted to showcase two of brewings most flavour intense hops, Citra and Mosaic, for a modern, boozy hop trip. Complimented with lots of oats and wheat the tropical filled pairing of Citra & Mosaic is exactly what we drool for, in a thick, hoppy DIPA.  8.5%DIPA20L Polykeg£159

Key Keg Ciders:

NameBreweryDescriptionABVTypeSizePrice (inc VAT)
Kingston Black sparkling ciderHECKSA single Variety Cider made with 100% Kingston Black Apples, producing a Medium cider full of flavour  6.0%Cider30 Litre£118
Night BirdNightingale Cider CoNight Bird is our sophisticated yet easy drinking namesake, a sparkling fragrant and refreshing cider. A medium wild fermented cider made from dessert and culinary varieties grown on the Nightingales family farm and surrounding orchards. This is a 30L KeyKeg.  4.9%Cider30 Litre£126
Hogan’s Draught CiderHogan’sOur original no-nonsense cider, 100% fresh pressed. It’s authentically distinctive appley aroma mixed with peaty notes. Packed full of classic cider apple tannins with a well- balanced and pleasing complexity.  4.5%Cider30 Litre£126
Hogan’s Killer Sharp CiderHogan’s2017 Gold medal winner in the Specialty Cider category at the International Cider Awards. A fresh, earthy and rebellious cider with a fierce and tangy soured apple edge. This is a feisty but proper cider with a twist for those brave enough to try something different.

Fermented using brett yeast to give the cider a sharp, sour bite at the finish.  
5.8%Cider30 Litre£133
Hogan’s LibertineHogan’sIndulgent, sweetly satisfying cider. Burnt umber in colour, dark, bittersweet warming Libertine is a rich tannic cider with unusual depth. Satisfying, exotic and grown up (but a bit on the fringes)…wild, radical, brooding, delicious. Clear and lightly carbonated.  6.2%Cider30 Litre£136
Hogan’s French RevelationHogan’sOur Breton style cider is smooth, velvety and oh so richly flavoursome. After the big tannic punch, it delivers a natural apple sweetness only years of craft could perfect. A wild, fruity and mature cider with a naturally rich bronze colour.  4.8%Cider30 Litre£136
Hogan’s Wild Elder CiderHogan’sLocally foraged elderflower blended with our bittersweet and refreshingly fresh pressed English cider. This blend presents a distinctive and naturally delicate elderflower aroma with a delicious finish. The perfect companion to those long, hot summer days.  4.0%Cider – sweet30 Litre£150
Wild Summer Elderflower CiderKentish PipWe’ve added some sparkle to our favourite Wild Summer cider. Made with hand-picked fresh elderflowers from our farm. The flavours of pollen and nectar from the flowers punctuated with crisp dessert apples makes a wonderfully enticing and zingy cider. Watch the flowers bloom with a chilled glass of Wild Summer, perfect for those hot, hazy evenings.  4.0%Cider30 Litre£140

Key Keg Stouts/Porters:

NameBreweryDescriptionABVTypeSizePrice (inc VAT)
StoutDovedale Brewing Company    Oatmeal vanilla milk stout. Gold Medal Winner SIBA 2019 Regional Keg Awards. Silver Medal Winner SIBA 2019 National Keg Awards. An easy drinking yet smooth and creamy. A full bodied stout with complex notes of chocolate and coffee.  4.6%Stout30 Litre£124.00
CwtchTiny Rebel BreweryRatebeer: 98/100. Probably the best word ever. Cwtch (rhymes with butch) can mean either cuddle or cubbyhole. Grab a glass, relax and cwtch up with this untraditional Welsh red ale – a perfect blend of six caramelly malts and three citrussy American hops. It isn’t your average bitter – the hops do more to this deep amber coloured beer than just provide bite. Any old hop can do that! We’ve selected some of the most aromatic and tangy hops from the other side of the pond to give this red a fresh hit that complements the caramel flavours of the malts that gives this beer its colour. Drinkability and balance makes this beer. We love a good Cwtch, and we’re not the only ones…  4.6%Red Ale30 Litre£135.00
Market PorterThornbridgeCreamy, Smooth Porter4.5%(Seasonal)Named after our new pub in York – The Market Cat. This is a smooth, robust creamy porter with a hint of coffee to finish.  4.5%Porter30 Litre£133.00
Dead Wax London PorterOrbit Beers LondonOur take on a classic London Porter. Based on the late nineteenth century interpretation of the style. Complex rich malt, with aromas of burnt sugar, coffee and chocolate, with light bitterness and elegant, spicy hop character. A distinctively dry and drinkable dark beer.  5.5%Porter30 Litre£135.00

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