We have pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions about Lindr units, home bars, the use of gas, which gas to use…

Do I need to use gas?

Question. Do I need to use gas with a Lindr portable dispenser?

Answer. Yes and No

No – if you are going to consume the beer within a couple of days or if you are using a Keg Keg.

Yes – if you want the beer to last a few weeks

The inbuilt compressor on the Lindr portable units (20/K, 25/K, 30/K, 40/K, 50/K, 55/K, 70/K, 155/K) is great for use with Key Kegs (the product will last for around 30 days), or if you are going to consume the beer within a couple of days. Otherwise if you want the beer to last for a few weeks we recommend you use a beer gas. See below for which is the best gas to use. 

Question. Which beer gas should I use?

Answer. There are a few options: compressed air, CO2, mixed gas 60/40 or mixed gas 70/30

Compressed air –  is cheapest if you are only ever dispensing Keg Kegs. Either using the compressor built into the Lindr portable units or by using an external compressor such as the Lindr VK-30 or a Puma compressor.

CO2 –  Carbon dioxide is best for lager but its slightly harder to work with than 60/40.

60/40 – mixed gas is probably the easiest for home bars as it works across a range of lagers and ciders.

70/30 – mixed gas for Guinness, John Smiths and stouts.

Can I use external fonts with a Lindr Portable?

Question. Can I use a font I bought on eBay with my Lindr portable dispenser?

Answer. Yes you can. In fact all our Porta and Lindr external fonts can be connected to any Lindr portable unit using the connection kit.

Question. Can you ‘move’ the font from the front of the portable unit and extend it to mount somewhere else?

Answer. Yes, you can. We have a video on this coming soon. 

We have a fitting kit that allows you to move the font and place it somewhere else – for example in the side wall of a Tuk Tuk or Tap Room. The kit works equally well with any Lindr Under counter cooler too – so you can install a tap room font wall at very low cost.

What is the difference between Lindr portable and under counter coolers?

Question. What are the main differences between a Lindr Portable unit and a Lindr under counter cooler?

Answer. Primarily the portable units have a built in air compressor (/K models) and the under counter coolers don’t. The under counter coolers have a built in water recirculation system making them a better choice for using external fonts. Under counter coolers can have up to 8 fonts and 8 different products. The under counter coolers require gas. The main differences are shown in the table below:




Air compressor built in:

Font built in:

External font(s):

Water recirculation:

Number of lines:

Portable dispenser


Yes (/K versions)





Under counter cooler







What is the difference between AS and CWP under counter coolers?

Question. What are the differences between the AS series under counter coolers and the CWP series?

Answer. Both do the same thing – cool the product and have water recirculation up into the font(s). 

The AS series uses older technology, forming an ice block to chill the beer, whereas the CWP models use the the same flash chiller technology found in the Lindr portable units. They are perfect for home bar and commercial applications; they are quiet and very economical to run.

The main advantage of the CWP series is that it only takes 20 minutes for the beer/wine to chill to the right temperature and there is no ice block to form/thaw. So we would recommend the CWP for say mobile bars and vehicles where you need the system up and running quickly and you don’t have time for the ice block to thaw before heading home!  The CWP models are great for tap bars, bars and commercial applications. 

The CWP-100 would be great in a home bar too; with it’s small foot print, near silent operation and ability to run three lines it would be a great option.

Operational questions:

Question. How noisy are Lindr coolers?

Answer. Both the portable and under counter coolers are very quiet in operation.

Once they have cooled down the chiller will only switch on now and then and is no louder than a standard fridge. The air compressor on the Lindr portables is slightly louder but only kicks in very infrequently.

You can carry on a conversation at normal levels with the unit in operation.

When installing your under counter cooler it is a good idea to ensure the cold water return feed is directed under the water line to avoid the sound of trickling water.

Question. Can I use the Lindr 20/K or 25/K for dispensing Frizzante in a Key Keg?

Answer. Yes you can BUT you would have to get a regulator and use gas or use a VK-15 or VK-30 air compressor. Frizzante needs a pressure of 3.2 bar to get the right level of fizz.

We would recommend the 30/K, 40/K, 50/K or 55/K if you are serving Frizzante from a key keg as they are all profi units – which means the internal compressor has a variable pressure feature  so you can get the right pressure for Frizzante.

What if I need to return a keg?

Unfortunately we cannot accept keg returns unless faulty – faulty kegs can have no more than 8 pints served and photographic evidence is required, kegs will need to be shipped back (at the customers expense) and then we will return to the supplier for testing at the brewery. If the keg is faulty, then a refund can be made. We occasionally accept returns if previously arranged. All keg returns have a 20% re-stocking charge to cover the cost of transport, storage and re-sale.