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Wine by the keg

Tapforcoldbeer only supply the very best wines from Italy that have been tried and tested to work in harmony with our Lindr Profi dispensers. We can supply in keykeg or polykeg format - each 20 litres in size

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  1. Glera Frizzante Prosecco type sparkling wine

    Glera Frizzante - Sparkling Wine (Prosecco in Key Keg)

    Our Glera Frizzante is a particularly fruity, slightly aromatic and rounded sparkling wine, made from exactly the same glera grapes as used in the production of Prosecco. It is made from grapes harvested from the vineyards of Marca Trevigiana, in the Veneto region of N.E Italy.

    Veneto is the only region in the world which can produce prosecco, just like the champagne region of France.

    This 20 litre (equivilent to 26 bottles) key-keg will stay fresh for four weeks once opened. Ideal for mass dispensing at weddings, festivals etc - the key keg can be easily connected to one of our Lindr Profi dispensers such as the 30/K Profi, 40/K Profi and 55/K Profi. No CO2 is required and the Frizzante is served superbly chilled.

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