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Ciders by the keg

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  1. Aspall

    Aspall Draught Cyder

    Fruity, dry, racy, thirst-quenching, lip-smacking. Learn More
  2. Natch Cider

    Natch cider - 88 Pint

    A WEST COUNTRY TRADITION Natch Cider holds legendary status in its West Country heartland for being unashamedly sharp and dry, delivering maximum refreshment. The ‘Dry’ taste is the result of more of the natural sugars being fermented which makes the cider sharper rather than sweet. ABV: 5.2% Learn More
  3. Strongbow - Approx 88 Pints

    Strongbow - Approx 88 Pints

    Strongbow original cider gets its distinctive flavour and cut-through refreshment through the unique blend of bittersweet British cider apples from their Herefordshire orchards. Learn More
  4. Dark Fruits

    Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider

    88 pint keg of Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider. Cider with blackcurrant and blackberry juice flavours. Crisp apple cider combined with a refreshing blend of dark fruit, delivering Strongbow's signature cut-through refreshment Strongbow Dark Fruit has cult status in the cider world. Extremely refreshing with dark fruit notes and a clean finish. Based on the popular bar drink of Cider & Black, Strongbow Dark Fruit has grown to be the second biggest cider in the UK after only three years after launch. Delivers Strongbow's signature cut-through refreshment with a dark edge. Learn More
  5. Thatchers Gold - Approx 88 Pints

    Thatchers Gold - Approx 88 Pints

    Thatchers Gold is great chilled or over ice, the Lindr dispenser can chill cider down to 3 degrees! Learn More
  6. Thatchers Haze - Approx 88 Pints

    Thatchers Haze - Approx 88 Pints

    Thatchers Haze is a cloudy premium cider bursting with apple flavour. It is the juice of the Jonagold apple that brings a naturally cloudy appearance to this chilled cider. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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