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  1. Meantime London Lager 50L keg - tapforcoldbeer.com

    Meantime London Lager - 50L keg

    Meantime Brew Master, Alastair Hook, has spent 20 years planning the quintessential English lager. His reasoning is simple.The great European lager brewers use very soft water and neutral yeasts to ensure that only the flavours of their locally grown malt and hops come to the fore. East Anglia is home to the world’s finest malting barley and Kent is home to some of the world’s best hops. Midway between the two, London is ideally placed to bring them together in a straightforward, clean, long-matured, unpasteurised lager, where all you can taste is malt and hop. Learn More
  2. Fosters Logo

    Fosters Lager - 88 Pint Keg

    Fosters Lager - 88 Pint Keg First brewed by William and Ralph Foster in Melbourne in 1888. FOSTER’S is an easy-drinking lager that is perfectly balanced with moderate vanilla tasting notes and no hard edges or bitter aftertaste for perfect refreshment. Learn More
  3. Amstel - Approx 88 Pints

    Amstel - Approx 88 Pints

    Amstel Lager has a bright golden colour with a creamy white head. It's flavour profiles are malted and floral with slightly fruity traces. In the mouth the body is light and slightly silky. Learn More
  4. Stella Artois - Approx 52 Pints

    Stella Artois - Approx 52 Pints

    Stella Artois - a beautifully balanced, full flavoured premium lager with a pronounced hoppy bitterness and a crisp, clean finish. Learn More
  5. Cobra Beer - Approx 88 Pints

    Cobra Beer - Approx 88 Pints

    Cobra Premium beer is crafted using a unique recipe and intricate brewing process. Learn More
  6. Lindr Pygmy 25K Beer Tap Chiller Dispenser - tapforcoldbeer.com

    Lindr Pygmy 25/K to hire

    The perfect beer dispenser for parties and small events.

    We deliver, set-up and collect. On time delivery guaranteed. All connectors and pipework supplied. FREE: 48 pint glass loan included in this rental. No deposit needed. Over-night rental available.

    Please note a delivery/setup charge is applied at checkout. Don't forget we can supply your kegs of alcohol too, all included in the same delivery charge.

    Please use the quote button to ask for long term rental rates.

    Learn More
    1 Day: £65.00 Extra Day £10.00  
    Next Available Date: 26/04/2017
  7. Pubs and Restaurants

    Pubs and Restaurants

    Revenue generation

    Reliable, high capacity Lindr beer chiller/dispensers are an invaluable way of generating extra revenue when additional pumps are required for short term events:

    • Overflow bars
    • Hog Roasts, barbecues and other outdoor events
    • Cellar equipment breakdowns
    • Shorter queues + happier customers = more profit

    Want to serve draught beer/lager but don't have a cellar?

    You don't need an expensive complex cellar to serve perfectly chilled draught beer, lager, cider, guinness or wines. A beautiful Lindr chiller dispenser is the answer:

    • No CO2, external chillers or pipework to install
    • LONG shelf life of product in the revolutionary Key-Keg (up to 4 months)
    • Differentiate by offering great products from local micro-breweries in long life key kegs
    Please request a quote for a long-term rental price or rent online today from a selection of our range displayed on the right of this page. Learn More
  8. Lindr Kontakt 115/K - tapforcoldbeer.com

    Lindr Kontakt 115/K double tap

    Ultra high capacity for sporting events, overflow bars and Festivals.

    The ultra high throughput Lindr Kontakt 115/K Green Line two tap beer cooler is designed to efficiently chill and dispense pub quality draught beer, lager, cider or wine in commercial or professional settings. Ideal for pubs, restaurants, overflow bars, micro-breweries, mobile bars, weddings, sporting events and festivals. You can dispense two different beverages; for example connect one tap to a keg or key keg of lager and the other to a keg or key keg of prosecco or connect both taps to a single keg for maximum throughput.

    • Two taps dispensing two different beverages
    • Up to 245 perfectly chilled draught pints per hour
    • Built in compressor - no need for a CO2 canister
    • Rapid chiller, start pouring within 10 minutes of switching on
    • Dedicated trained project manager for your event
    • We can work with any existing suppliers or act as main contractor

    Price shown INCLUDES VAT.

    Learn More
  9. Grolsch Draught Lager - Approx 88 Pints

    Grolsch Draught Lager - Approx 88 Pints

    Grolsch draught lager 88 pint keg - straw coloured in appearance, clear with mild coronation. Its big hoppy aroma and hoppy bitterness along with its fruity sweetness makes this lager an easy drink with its lingering zingy dry finish. Learn More
  10. Birra Moretti 4.6% - Approx 52 Pints

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