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The best Christmas gift ever?

28.11.16 Posted By Tom D

Struggling to find a truly special gift this year?


Look no further than these amazingly easy to use Lindr beer / wine chillers.


Every year the beer and wine fight alongside the turkey and all the trimmings for space in the fridge. Why not take a different approach this year and buy your loved one quite possibly the best Christmas presents ever.


A Lindr beer / wine chiller can dispense beer, lager, cider, wine and PIMM's direct from a keg.


Choose from the single tap Lindr Pygmy 25/K for only £478.80 including VAT (plus delivery) up to the double tap Lindr Pygmy 25/K Exclusive for under £600 plus delivery. The oak finished Lindr Soudek is a popular gift at any time of the year and at £1,100 it represents excellent value for money, dispensing 85 pints an hour from its double font configuration.


With keg sizes ranging from 20 to 50 litres there is enough flexibility to cater for any size of party and with pub quality chilled draught beer for less than £2.00 a pint, served directly from your own beer dispenser you will have room in the fridge for an extra pudding.



! Lindr beer chillers make an ideal christmas gift

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