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Extra Christmas capacity

28.11.16 Posted By Tom D

We are helping many pubs, hotels and even a Castle to realise extra profits over the festive period.


Renting a Lindr beer / wine chiller enables the opening of additional bar facilities across the estate, utilising every available function room to maximise revenue.


The cost effective hire of a Lindr beer / wine chiller over the festive period not only increases revenue opportunities but also decreases queues, increases customer satisfaction and provides the opportunity to add some different product lines - say a fruit cider or an IPA, providing guests with a wider choice of premium beverages.


These simple to use chillers require no gas, no water and no complex maintenance, renting a Lindr beer chiller could not be easier, simply connect to the keg and the product is ready to serve (ice cold) within ten minutes. A Lindr Kontakt 40/K can dispense around 85 pints per hour, click here for more details, a Lindr Kontakt 55/K Profi is perfect for bars as the pipework faces the front of the machine, away from the sight of the customer. Click here for more information on the Lindr 55/K Profu


We supply many hotels across the country, including some large chains, with equipment on a long-term rent. Ask for a quote, we still have a few chillers available for the Christmas and New Year period.


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