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  • 21.04.16 Posted By Tom D

    Spring is here and we are offering a 50 litre keg of pre-mixed PIMM'S and Lemonade for £299 - down from the regular price of £319.

    Nothing complements your Lindr Chiller better than a keg of PIMM's in the spring and summer. Perfect for Weddings, garden parties, on-board or in fact any where when it's PIMM'S O'Clock!

    The Lindr chiller connects directly to the keg and chills the PIMM'S perfectly. You don't really need to add ice....it is served ice cold from the chiller.

    PIMM's is a great way of earning money at your event, for example 1 litre of PIMM's & lemonade typically sells for between £14 and £16 a litre at events so:

    £14 x 50 = £700 less the cost of the keg = £401 profit.

    Obviously you will need to take into consideration the cost of plastic glasses, fruit and the hire of the chiller - so you can make between £250-£300 on the first keg and even more on subsequent kegs - Happy times ahead.

    And don't forget we can manage your temporary event notification (TEN) on your behalf with your local Council.



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  • Ever wanted pub quality draught beer at home or at an event but don't want the hassle of external chillers or CO2 canisters? The Lindr chiller/dispensers may well be the answer. All you need is a power supply (standard 3-pin wall socket or a generator) and a keg of beer, lager, cider, Guinness, prosecco or PIMMs and you will be serviing pub quality chilled beverages within 5 minutes of switching the unit on. Ideal for parties, garden parties, BBQs, yachts, public events, weddings, street parties, fetes, PTFA events



    Lindr Kontakt 70

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  • 23.03.16 Posted By Tom D

    We believe that we are the first company to allow you to rent Lindr beer dispensers completely online. You can choose your dispenser, select your rental dates add some beer or wine, pay online with either debit/credit card or PayPal - we will deliver and set up everything at a time to suit you.
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  • 26.01.16


    Posted By System Administrator

    We are pleased to announce that our website has been awarded the very highest level of site security with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. We had to undergo a full organisational vetting to ensure that we are who we say we are. We want our customers to feel safe and secure when dealing with us.

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  • 04.01.16 Posted By System Administrator
    Key Kegs are recyclable plastic (PET) kegs that have two revolutionary elements; firstly they reduce the cost of transporting beer, lager, cider or wine by removing the reverse logistics (shipping an aluminium keg back to the brewery) and by ensuring the product does not come into contact with air or CO2, thus significantly extending the shelf life of the product - up to 3 to 4 months for some products as opposed to one week once a traditional keg has been opened. Read More

Items 11 to 15 of 15 total

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