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  • 17.04.17 Posted By System Administrator

    We have the full range of Lindr draught beer chillers / dispensers available for rent or to buy from our on-line store. Ideal for parties at home, for weddings, corporate functions, outdoor events and festivals these highly portable units enable anyone to have draught beer anywhere, at any time.


    The Lindr draught beer dispensers are extremely easy to set-up, don't take up much room and can dispense up to 250 pints of perfectly chilled lager, beer, cider, wine or PIMMS. 



    Easy to use and set up - we organise everything for you - all you need to do is to choose your beer(s) from our online store - or supply your own kegs - and we will deliver, setup and then take everything away at the end.


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  • 25.03.17


    Posted By System Administrator


    Tapforcoldbeer.com are pleased to announce that they have been approved by HMRC to wholesale alcohol. The Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme has been set up by HMRC to ensure that duty is paid all the way through the supply chain, each person in the chain must be authorised under the scheme. An online look-up service launches on 1st April 2017.


    Our AWRS number is XEAW 000 0010 7665.  


    If you buy alcohol from a non-registered wholesaler, you may be liable to a criminal or civil penalty, your alcohol may be seized, or you could lose your alcohol licence.




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  • 19.01.17 Posted By System Administrator

    Cerne Abbas brewery invited us to help them try out one of their fantastic cask beers as a bright beer in keg form.

    Cerne were keen to show off their latest beer at a brewey open day in December. We supplied the Lindr Beer chiller and Cerne supplied their latest blonde, much to the delight of their customers.  The chaps at Cerne were really impressed the performance of the Lindr chiller having been quite sceptical to start with.

    keg at Cerne Abbas Brewery

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  • 31.12.16 Posted By System Administrator
    What better way to celebrate you engagement than by having a party with all your friends and family, for a cost effective way of serving ice cold beer why not consider hiring a Lindr beer dispenser, with an ice cold pint of beer from less that £2.00 We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and you can be assured that any event will be managed carefully by one of our team members. Lindr draught beer dispenser at weddingRead More
  • 31.12.16 Posted By Tom D

    We believe that providing the very best level of service is the key to ensuring large events go well. We provided all the beer dispensing equipment for an Oktoberfest tent for an event with over 3,500 guests, our dedicated project manager ensured everything went well and the client sold more beer than they had at previous events. 






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  • 28.11.16 Posted By Tom D

    Christmas gifts can be practical as well as beautiful...forget trying to fit bottles of beer in around the turkey this year, or having to leave the pudding on the side to make room for the prosecco.


    A Lindr chiller makes an ideal gift - chilling beer, lager, cider, PIMM's and Frizzante by the keg, they make every party a special event.


    Incredibly easy to use and set up, the Lindr beer / wine chiller needs no gas or complex maintenance - all you need is a 3-pin socket and within 10 minutes you can be serving ice cold lager, cider, wine or frizzante to your guests. With lager from less than £2.00 a pint and as fresh and as cold as your local pub, what more could you ask for this Christmas?  


    Available in both single and double tap configurations, in real oak or stainless steel finishes these beer / wine chiller dispensers make an unusual and immensely practical gift, fantastic for those that entertain on a regular basis.

    Lindr Soudek - ideal gift

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  • 28.11.16 Posted By Tom D

    We are helping many pubs, hotels and even a Castle to realise extra profits over the festive period.


    Renting a Lindr beer / wine chiller enables the opening of additional bar facilities across the estate, utilising every available function room to maximise revenue.


    The hire of a Lindr beer and wine chiller over the festive period not only increases revenue opportunities but also decreases queues, increases customer satisfaction and provides the opportunity to add some different product lines - say a fruit cider or an IPA, providing guests with a wider choice of beer, lager, cider or wine


    We supply hotels across the Country, including some large chains, with equipment on a long-term rent. Ask for a quote, we still have a few chillers available for the Christmas and New Year period.


    Lindr 55K for Christmas and New Year rental

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  • 21.11.16 Posted By System Administrator

    OK so it's not quite the same as everyone else's Black Friday - but did you know that a Lindr Chiller can dispense a drop of the black stuff perfectly? We have the Guinness flow tap available for our chillers - so you can pour yourself a nice relaxing pint of Guinness (with a few friends), we will even lend you 48 Guinness glasses free of charge when you rent a chiller from us.


    free Guinness glas hire offerfree Guinness glass hire


    Talking of black stuff, we also have the amazing Jagermeister chiller available for rent, this super chiller cools the Jager down to -18 degrees and makes the filling of a jager bomb cup so much easier than from the bottle 


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  • 21.11.16 Posted By Tom D

    A brilliant summer of love, serving many thousands of ice cold pints at weddings all over the country. We have rented out beer chillers to hotels, castles, catering companies, mobile bars and of course directly to the happy couple themselves.

    Amazing wedding in Brixton

    With many hotels charging over £4.00 a pint or offering a limited selection of lagers or ciders, many couples are hiring a Lindr beer chiller, choosing their favourite pint from their local micro-brewery and running their own bar.

    We have helped many couples have their favourite beers from Meantime, Brixton, Wimbledon and Pillars breweries (to name just a few). Our chillers run off a simple 3-pin plug, either from the mains or via a generator - with a very low power consumption they can easily run all night off a generator, making installation in a teepee or marquee so simple.

    Our twin tap chillers can serve a lager and a cider or a cider and an IPA with ease. We have loved every one of the Asian Weddings we have done this year, so happy to have been to so many and met so many wonderful people.

    A true summer of love.

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  • 11.06.16 Posted By Tom D

    We are really excited to show you our new delivery van, photographed here hard at work delivering a number of Lindr beer chillers to one of our valued customers for their 2016 summer ball.


    The new van is hard to miss, displaying a great shot of our showroom on the rear and our new tag line of 'you click, we setup, you enjoy' adorning the side.


    We want everyone to know how simple it is to enjoy great tasting, perfectly chilled beer, lager, wine prosecco or PIMM'S from less than £2.00 a pint. Hopefully our new van will be delivering to your event soon!


    our new van

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